Posted by: Elizabeth | August 26, 2009

Where the swastikas aren’t

A while ago, a reader suggested that I check out some swastika tiles he’d heard about at the St. Monica-St. George Church.

But there are no such tiles now.

Due to complaints from some church members, the swastika tiles were removed years ago, after the St. Monica and St. George parishes merged in 1993, according to parish business manager Linda Martin. They were replaced with less eyebrow-raising tiles of the same coloring.

I guess the clergy just got tired of explaining that the tiles were actually Celtic crosses.


  1. oh no! that church will never be the same for me. i will have to remember it as it was: covered with Nazi propaganda. 🙂

    This also tells you about when I attended college. Thanks for the link.

  2. Try St. Mary’s in Hyde Park

  3. hehe never knew that….well even though they were celtic crosses probably best they changed them out.

  4. Wow, only in Cincinnati. Thanks for pointing out that interesting factoid.

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