Posted by: Elizabeth | February 10, 2009

Survey says…

What are the best unpublicized attractions in the greater Cincinnat area? I surveyed some local people through this blog and Facebook to find out.

It turns out that some people really like yarn. Megan’s paycheck should be direct deposit at Fiberge, while my fellow blogger citykin recommends the Weavers Guild.

Meanwhile, the male respondants (i.e., 3 out of the 7 people who replied to this. Hey, it’s my first crowdsourcing attempt!) mainly focused on their stomachs. Michael likes the Buzz Thru Espresso Bar. Ketan can’t get enough of the ribs at the Sleepy Hollow Inn.

Former UC student Matt has fond, fond memories of Martino’s on Vine: “It’s what we Pittsburgh natives like to call a ‘Steeler bar.’ It’s where I and all the other displaced Pittsburghers would congregate every Sunday in the fall to watch the Steelers. Let’s face it, a Steelers fan in Cincinnati is probably about as welcome there as General Sherman in Atlanta. No matter how good or bad student life got, it was a place where I could always go and feel safe and wanted, and have some small piece of mind.”

Meanwhile, Adriana finds a unique pleasure in going to a concert at Riverbend: “watching boats or barges go by in the back of the concert, surreal.”

Also enjoying the open air, Abby says, “I really enjoying walking through the Spring Grove Cemetery.”

Which brings me to Cincinnati Oddities’ next survey:

What’s the creepiest place in Cincinnati?

I mean that it’s either haunted or looks like it might still have dead bodies in it. (abandoned funeral parlors, vacant buildings that are somehow noisy, you get the idea. The more frightening, the better) If possible, please include the street address and why it’s creepy. And if you have the guts, photograph it and send me the picture!

Photos can be emailed to . Otherwise, you can easily leave your responses as comments on this post.



  1. Buffalo Ridge in Cleves.

  2. I had a creepy experience on Buffalo Ridge.. very strange that you mention that…

  3. So many empty buildings, so much creepiness, it is hard to decide. I guess I would say that abandonned parts of the riverfront, like just south of Brent Spence are plain scary. I just look at all the weird garbage washing up and wander if I will see a body.

    Also creepy are the many sub-basements in OTR. I have been in 4 of them, and the silence is deafening.

  4. The subway tunnels would be creepy if you could sneak into them unofficially. The tours they give make them less so.

  5. Charley Harper’s mosaic mural in the Federal Building downtown:

  6. my basement

  7. Glencoe-Auburn Place is pretty creepy in the evening or at night.

  8. The Powder Factory in Kings Mills, otherwise known as the Peters Cartridge Company.

  9. I grew up on Mount Adams and me and a cousin used to explore the Cincinnati Subway late at night. We would get a couple hundred feet and you could hear the city come to life.

    Talk about creepy!

    Also, I have a list of places to check out. Im a paranormal investigator..ill get you a list soon!

  10. […] The blog Cincinnati Oddities confirms this is a Steelers Bar here. […]

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