Posted by: Elizabeth | March 5, 2009

I-71’s Exit 3 redeems itself

My survey about makeout spots got some great responses — dumpster behind a post office, a reader’s own bedroom — but this might just be the best:

Intersection where I-71 South's exit 3 merges into Taft Rd.

Standing here, the photographer was probably mistaken for a pandhandler.

 This is where I-71 South’s Exit 3 merges into Taft Rd.

It’s one half of the most annoying pair of intersections I’ve ever encountered. Just as this light turns green, the next intersection (Taft and Reading), which is only a block away, turns red. So unless the timing is just right, you ram it at 50 mph and nip the amber at Reading, you’re gonna have to stop at one of these two intersections. There’s no legal way around it.

Yet while most commuters wish this spot would die, Emily Joy doesn’t:

“You have about 1.5 mins to makeout until it’s your turn to go. And it’s great for all those exhibitionists who like to tease the other drivers.”

I believe I shall pass this information on to my husband.



  1. Does anyone know why that light is set up this way? Before I started UC back in the 80s, it was causing jams. Although I’m happy for Emily Joy.

  2. When the light turns green get up to about 45MPH and keep going. You’ll make it through Reading, Burnet, and Highland right in time. All three lights turn red in sequence about 10 seconds apart.

  3. Glad to see someone making this light into a positive!

  4. I can vouch for JTMs comment but my experience is about 15 yrs out of date.

  5. If I had a nickel for every panhandler that has hit us up at that intersection… I’d have about 5 dollars.

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