Posted by: Elizabeth | February 23, 2009

Creepy survey results

A couple of weeks ago, I asked what you thought was the creepiest place in the greater Cincinnati area.  

Your response? It’s a tie between the possibly haunted Buffalo Ridge and the definitely abandoned subway system. (Personally I’m inclined to go with Buffalo Ridge, since rural areas scare me more than ghettos, but that’s just me.)

For most of the honorable mentions, I guess fellow blogger CityKin said it best: “So many empty buildings, so much creepiness, it is hard to decide.”

Those include the abandoned Powder FactoryGlencoe-Auburn Place, and numerous sub-basements in Over-the-Rhine.

One reader also nominated his own basement.

Still operating and open to the public, readers suggested the possibly haunted Promont House and, inexplicably, some mural in the Federal Building.

Readers also mentioned a couple of urban legends, like Munchkinville and Satan’s Altar. The latter is located in Blue Ash. In the sewers. Google Earth says so.  

Hey, is this the way to Satan's Altar?

"Hey, is this the way to Satan's Altar?"

But you see, I grew up next to Blue Ash. The only place where I ever heard mysterious noises was in the local high school, in this cubby space below a staircase and behind some vending machines.

Which brings me to the next survey question…

What’s the best makeout spot in Cincinnati?

Either now or when you were in high school.  Inquiring minds want to know!

If you have photos or a longer story you’d like to share, please email it to (replace “_AT_” with @). Otherwise, you can easily leave your responses as comments on this post.



  1. Sorry, I didn’t mean that the Charley Harper mural is creepy, just that it’s one of those “best kept secrets.” It’s not creepy at all.

  2. That’s other guy’s basement.

  3. Munchkinville, or the Handle Bar Ranch was pretty creepy to drive through, day or night. Even knowing the true story behind the place, it was a little disturbing. It came out of no where, in the middle of the woods. You didn’t drive past the place, you drove ‘through’ it, like you were inside. Everything came right up against the road on both sides… old, small stone and timber buildings and structures in delapidated condition.
    Today, there are no structures left. It was completely torn out within the past few years.

    We live close by, and my wife still dosen’t like to drive through that area.

  4. I always heard that Munchkinville was in Louisville and was made for retired circus folk. The buildings, street signs, and everything else on their street were constructed for people four-feet tall or less.

    I’m so old that the best make-out place I remember was next to the Tar Pits by the wooly mammoth bones but one of my relatives did work for the Mt. Washington post office and found consenting adults having sex in their dumpter on two different occasions. (He isn’t sure if it was the same couple or completely unrelated.) I guess as dumpsters go, the post office’s is dry and roomy.

  5. Definitely Munchkinville… we’re talking about makeout spots, right?

  6. Hate to give this one away but…Loveland running and bike trail. There’s plenty of alcove space, swings and such make it feel out from a movie.

  7. Buffalo Ridge is a nice urban legend. It was never a crematorium or home of a witch, though. The property has been owned by the Cincinnati Astronomical Society since the early 1900’s. They were going to build an observatory there using granite stones from the old Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce building, which was destroyed by a fire in 1911. The funding ran out in the 1940’s after only a basement was completed enough for the CAS to hold their meetings. Some of the stones were put to other uses, such as the stone shelter at neighboring Mitchell Memorial Forest.

    Not haunted, not so creepy – except for the only spot you can park on the side of the road. That can be scary.

  8. The creepiest place and the best makeout place are both the same: my bedroom.

  9. I use to live next to Auburn-Glencoe (that one open apartment building that isn’t painted pastel) yes, it was creepy.

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