Posted by: Elizabeth | January 31, 2009

Maybe it’s why UC doesn’t have more snow days?

Last Wednesday at 4 a.m., the same time UC announced a snow day, this was erected two blocks from the main campus:

In front of 448 Riddle Rd.

Viewed from above the shaft. Yes, it is crooked. And circumsized.

This snow sculpture stood in front of 448 Riddle Rd. That’s the orange house with a Bengals poster in the upper right window.

Reactions from neighbors included: “Awesome!”; “God…”; “Kinda immature”; and “I think it’s a giant penis.”

The structure stood until Friday afternoon. No word on why it was dismantled.

Update: “ramrod” (whose comment is below) has emailed me. Apparently snow man-parts are a tradition at this location, and his household promises us a bigger and better one next year.



  1. “this was erected”


    ok i am in 3rd grade

  2. Heheh, Get it, erected? 😛

  3. This is the creators of the penis, and the only reason that its crooked because one of our drunk friends kicked it the night that it was made… for better pictures of it go to Andrew Strunk’s facebook.

  4. Irony of all this…it’s right next to my grandparents house and I live just on the other side of Little Sisters of the Poor down the road. I actually caught a picture of this on my cell phone as I was walking down the street that evening.

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