Posted by: Elizabeth | January 27, 2009

The view from Carew: Geronimo!

Looking from the southwest corner.

Looking from the southeast corner.

Did you know that Carew Tower has an observation deck? At $2 admission, it’s a great view on the cheap. However, this is not like the observation deck on some other skyscrapers I could think of, which consist of a room with glass walls. At the top of the Carew Tower, the only thing between you and a 574-ft drop is a stone barrier that maybe goes up to the average man’s waist.

Which brings us to the question: has anyone ever jumped off this thing? I mean, it’s so easy, it’s almost tempting.

This is the last thing how many people saw?

This is the last thing how many people saw?

According to building employees, 19 people have done just that since the building was erected in 1930. The last “jumper” was in 1997, a teenager who had broken up with his girlfriend.

This does not include people who wanted to live, like “Skypunk” Werling, who parachuted three times from Carew Tower. His actual cause of death was a failed jump from a television tower in Florida in 2002.

Also, this does not include people who didn’t want to see the observation deck’s barrier from the wrong side in the first place, such as my friend Aaron, 21. As a child, he remembers, “I have been held over that wall by my father, even though I told him not to, but there was nothing I could do about it because he was a lot bigger at the time.”

Regardless, whoever becomes the next “jumper” at Carew Tower will have a lot to be inspired by. Just try shopping in that building. The only thing more depressing than a dollar store in a supposedly “high end” mall? A dollar store that still pays rent, but hasn’t bothered being open since New Year’s.



  1. The Skypunk is dead? And for years on end? I had a co-worker who saw him fall and freaked out.

    My cousin saw someone jump in the 1990s but I don’t think it was the 1997 case. From what I remember, a woman who worked there jumped from a window several stories below the top. The way the building stands, she didn’t reach the street but was recovered on the outside of lower floors.

    I don’t plan on killing myself but I wouldn’t want to leave such a mess for someone to clean up.

  2. A witness to a “jumper” incident described the mess as something like what would happen if a water balloon were dropped.

    Makes sense if you think about it. Still gross, though.

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