Posted by: Elizabeth | January 15, 2009

I know my crazy. What’s YOUR crazy?

Websites where the writer talks down to the reader are very boring and Web 1.0. Blogs should be a dialogue.

So to get that conversation started…

While I’ve lived in Cincinnati long enough to have some personal favorites, I’d like to know what YOU think are the best unpublicized attractions in this area.

What crazy things have you found off the beaten path?

Please tell me in the comments section. The best parts will get featured in this blog!



  1. I dont know if this is “unpublicized” as much as you want, but I really enjoying walking through the Spring Grove Cemetery. It is beautiful there in the Spring and you can walk for miles!

  2. Cemeteries are generally unpublicized, so yeah, that definitely counts. Thanks!

  3. Being the yarn whore that I am, one of my favorite places in Cinci is a LYS (local yarn store) called Fiberge … I’d rather not admit how much I just spent there … but oh, the pretty, fuzzy yarns!

    I dunno, I don’t really think of Cinci as having a lot of “crazy” … but then again, I grew up near Ann Arbor, MI, home of the Hash Bash.

  4. Have you ever visited the Weaver’s Guild, on Gray Road, just behind Spring Grove.

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